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One Response to Rare bird: ’71 Volvo 142 Coupe

  1. L.K. says:

    I remember that era of Volvo’s very well. My 1st ”real” roadworthy car was a 1969 144 S with a 4 SPD Overdrive tranny in it. Volvo had an accessory catalog that had performance goodies for these cars. I ordered a ‘California Grill’ as it was termed in the catalog. It was the same as the stock 69 grill except that it had two cut outs for either road or fog lights. I was told by the sales rep at Martin Volvo in the Bronx that I was the only one on the east coast with that grill. I certainly have never seen one of the grills since. That was in 1976- 1977 . Wish I had pictures handy of that car. Anyway, this car brings back very good memories……Thanks Mint for including it this morning…..Always enjoy your selection of cars while sipping my morning coffee…..

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