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A 350 but actually a 450: ’72 Mercedes-Benz 350SL

1972 Mercedes Benz 450SL

The new R107 Roadster that replaced the now very collectible Pagoda roofed cars, started life with chassis bits from a mid-size Benz and an engine from the big S Class. Volume production of the first R107 car, the 350 SL, started in April 1971 alongside the last of the W113 sedans. Sales in North America began in 1972, and cars wore the name 350 SL, but had a larger 4.5L V8.  The big V8 became available on other markets with the official introduction of the 450 SL/SLC on non-North American markets in March 1973. This was a very long-lived SL, the second longest running model in M-B history! Today’s 350SL could only come from California and found by Bill at California Classix. This light blue roadster with navy interior was the prized possession of a little older lady who nursed the miles up to 99,800 over 41 years. We only had one photo from Bill (it is a new arrival) but we are sure he would be willing to get you more in a heart beat. This one is priced at a reasonable $8,950! That’s a lot of car for the money if the engine has a lot of life in it. Call Bill at California Classix at (805) 653-5551 or email at

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