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Ready to go: ’60 ELVA Mark 5 Sports Racer

1960 Elva Mark 5

Cooper, Lotus, Lola, and Elva built competitive racing and sports racing cars during the ’50s and ’60s but it was Elva who exported around 80% to the United States. By the way, the name is a corruption of ‘elle va‘ meaning ‘she goes‘. ‘Elva’ was later to be seen on nearly one thousand racing, sports racing and road going cars. Engines ranged from the Elva modified Ford side valve, through Climax, Ford DOHC, BMC, DKW, MGA, Porsche, and BMW, to the big V8 McLaren-Elva cars in just ten years. 1960 Elva Mark 5Today’s featured Elva Mark 5 is the ultimate front-engined, drum-brake Elva sports racer. Only thirteen were built, but with power from the magnificent Coventry-Climax FWB single overhead camshaft engine, they were the equal (some say better) to Colin Chapman’s Lotus 11 in England, Europe and the U.S.. Today’s rare Elva is owned and campaigned by a long time VSCCA member/racer. Therefore the Elva is track-ready right out of the box.  We think the Mark 5 is an attractive, and aerodynamically sound front-engined, drum-braked sports racers. This Elva is no slouch either. Its Coventary Climax engine powered it to 7, 1st place finishes and 5, 2nd place finishes. It could be you nestled in the tidy driver’s seat next season. Email the seller at or call Tim McCann at (860) 345-3753. 1960 Elva Mark 5

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