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Giallo Pagoda: ’74 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000

1974 Alfa Spider

These pre-rubber bumper Alfas are a bargain. We call them Kamn-tails because they have a “bobbed” rear deck and not the “disco” tapered tail of the Duettos and early Spiders. But they are an attractive car with lots of bling fore and aft. The power comes from a 2 liter, double overhead cam 4 breathing through twin Webers (in this case). The 5-speed transmission is a delight to use if the 2nd gear synchro hasn’t blown up as many do. This one is fine and we suggest you keep it that way by double clutching most of the time particularly when it is cold. 1974 Alfa Spider1974 Alfa SpiderThe car was originally purchased by a California man who picked the car up in Stockholm. The color is called Giallo Pagoda and that is one we have never heard of. The interior looks good as does the top. The seller is a Mint friend who operates a shop that specializes in all things Italian. Peter has priced this right we think. He is asking $9800. That is far less money than a nice TR6 of the same year. And although the TR6 makes a nice burbling sound, it isn’t as cool as an Alfa at 5,000 rpms. Click here for Peter’s website and contact information.1974 Alfa Spider

8 Responses to Giallo Pagoda: ’74 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000

  1. Nozzle says:

    Are those Webers stock for this year? I thought MFI was used on these cars.

    • mint2me says:

      You are correct. The SPICA FI system Alfa used is said by many to be diabolical. Our ’79 Spider was so equipped but it had been rebuilt by Wes Ingram, one of the best in the world at SPICA rebuilding, so it ran great. But it is expensive to do at almost $1,000. Therefore many Alfisti opt out for a reliable set of Webers.

  2. Steve says:

    Please don’t double clutch when upshifting. You only need to wait for the clutch disk to spin down to the 2nd gear rpm. The synchros do that , yet more slowly when they are worn. Double clutching, or at least (heel-toe) blipping, helps the synchros on downshifting.

  3. Steve says:

    Please don’t double clutch with upshifting. You will cause worse wear. These transmissions have soft synchros and if you don’t wait a little bit for the clutch disk to slow a bit when shifting 1st into 2nd, you will lean on them a bit and cause wear. The new oils help, please use a good synthetic.
    This year is the best for torque and drivability, without a cat. The best, IMHO

    • mint2me says:

      Interesting perspective on double clutching on the upshift. I had a conversation with Santo Spadaro, one of the most respected Italian car mechanics around these parts, and that is his daily practice.

  4. Tony says:

    I think it’s likely a ’74, not an ’84

  5. Rich diMonda says:

    Beautiful car at a great value.

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