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Winter’s Tale: ’64 MGB

64 MGB pro

Technically, you could say that this MGB is a one owner car in original condition. The current owner did buy it from the original owner and in 2004 and never drove it. So yes, he is the 2nd owner but we might look the other way – like an annulment. Yes, it needs everything and some of our readers have been asking us for more barn finds and project cars. So this one should be very straight forward. 1964 MGB intIt is an early steel dash car and the seller says it actually runs pretty well. We wouldn’t drive it too far as is but at least you know you will be able too in the Spring or Summer.  Our advice is to try to keep it as original as possible, repairing or refinishing what you can save. Of course, paint, interior (can you save the seats/carpets?) and top are in order. Click here for the eBay listing.

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