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Outragious: ’63 Dodge 330 Station Wagon

63 Dodge 330

We love to find a “throw away” car that someone rescues and then lavishes immense amount of creativity on it. That is the case with this Dodge 330 Station Wagon. And with that said, it is even cooler to do that with a station wagon. These are clearly not historic vehicles unless equipped with the top of the line engines like the 426ci 4-barrel cars. 63 Dodge 330This Dodge was rescued and equipped with a 383ci 4-barrel, and Edelbrock manifold for the go part and 4-wheel disc brakes for the stopping part. The builders thought it deserved a modern air conditioner, and a CD player. It shifts by a way of a very Chrysler push button automatic transmission. We like the choice of metallic grey, red interior with American Racing wheels too. The listing tells us emphatically that it runs great and the dual exhaust produces a hypnotic sound. We wouldn’t mind hearing it for the $11.500 asking price. Click here for the listing.63 Dodge 330

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