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2 Responses to Carrera Panamericana anyone?: ’53 Hudson Jet

  1. Wayne Graefen says:

    I feel obligated to burst the Carrera Panamericana bubble as a previous owner of multiple Hudson Jets. The entire drivetrain and suspension of the Jet models, and their high center of gravity, is woefully inadequate for any such attempt. There are no full size Hudson control arms or HD suspension items here and while the 202″ six cylinder is zippy for “town” it won’t begin to be competitive in “country” (Mexico). Its an adequate hobby car to be sure if you want something really oddball that needs your time and attention to be cruise night material.

    • mint2me says:

      Who knew any of our readers actually owned one of these! Thanks, Wayne. We really liked the condition of this little Hudson and always attempt to try and do something fun and as you said “oddball”. If it got us safely from taco stand to taco stand, it would be a badge of honor. But you are correct. It is better suited for cruise nights.

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