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Hooniverse Calendar

Hooniverse is one of our favorite websites. It is a bit irreverent and that is probably why we enjoy it so much. Here is what they say about themselves: The word hoon is a term that comes to us by way of our friends down under. In Australia, hoon refers to someone who drives in a reckless manner, and this has led authorities to develop anti-hoon laws. Here in the United States, however, we’ve adopted the word and redefined it. Our definition refers to someone who loves the simple act of driving. Be it at a 1/10th cruise in a beloved classic machine, or a 9/10ths rip down one’s favorite canyon run.

HoonIn addition to their editorial excellence, they have a good eye for horse-flesh. And that is why our very own ’67 Mercedes-Benz Rally Tribute is featured in their 2014 Calendar. He is Mr. June. We encourage all of readers to step up and buy one for $13.00. Click here for the link.

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