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Success at Mint: ’14 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray Convertible

Lou 2One of our frequent readers, Lou O., really wanted a new 2014 Corvette. He wanted one of the first convertibles and pay a fair price for one. His experience shopping on his own, was less than pleasant. Either the dealer wasn’t allocated any Corvettes or the dealer added a signficant “dealer profit”. We read this on The GM Authority Website that described his experience: “As the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette begins to trickle into dealerships, the more greedy establishments are not hesitating to charge as much as $10,000 and more for their C7 Stingrays on the block. Way to go, guys. At the same time, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Stuff like this always happens when it comes to vehicles as hotly anticipated as the new Corvette.” And they were referring to the Coupe and not the Convertible! We know a great dealer who has a franchise on Long Island and New Jersey so we gave them a call. We put a deal together and a few months later, Lou’s Cyber Grey Convertible arrived at the dealership.He paid a fair price and the dealer is happy to have a new customer. If you are looking for that special car, give us a chance to make it happen for you.

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