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Potentially nice: ’72 BMW 2002


BMW fans call these “roundies” because they have round tail lights and small, chrome bumpers. All 2002 model Bimmers are prized but the roundie is the one people want first. It is difficult to find unrestored 2002s in decent condition because they were prone to rust. One has a better chance of finding a nice one on the west coast so easterners rarely get an opportunity to find one locally and avoid shipping costs. 00P0P_6SPJHuBhlbQ_600x450So when this one in a popular Agave Green popped up, we decided to give our readers a shot at checking it out. The last one we featured nearby that was said to be “rust-free” was in fact not. So whoever is interested in this one needs to have physical contact with it before buying. It looks scruffy but complete and the seller says it is “virtually” rust free. It certainly needs a new rear bumper from the pics. The seller says it has covered 62,000 miles and was garage kept its entire life. It is also a matching numbers car. The price is $9,000. Proceed with caution but proceed. Click here for the listing.00a0a_8CWrAqxjirs_600x450

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