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Traditional GT: ’83 Porsche 928

928 RF quarter

The GT was born out of necessity in the ’50s. Well, necessity for wealthy European folks who wanted to travel great distances in comfort on the weekends or holidays. Cars made by Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes and others, filled the niche with luxurious cruisers capable of sustained high speeds. And of course, they didn’t want to be embarrassed when they pulled up in front of the Hotel d’Paris in Monaco, so the GT car had to be gorgeous and exclusive. Fast forward to the mid-70s. Porsche was successful with the 911 but they wanted to appeal to the client who demanded a bit more refinement, more pace and more luxury. The 928 was born, designed in part, by an American by the name of Tony Lapine. 928 porsche interiorIt is a big car for a Porsche and the design has held up well over the years. It was not a successful venture for Porsche mostly because it was so darn expensive. In today’s dollars, a ’83 928S like today’s car would cost $125,000. There are varied opinions about which 928 is the one to have if you want one. Frankly, the answer should be the one with the best maintenance history and documentation. Yes, some are faster and the newer cars are more rare. But we like the early 928s that are a little less complex. So we found an ’83 in a great color combination of Slate Blue/Blue with an automatic transmission that has covered only 57,000 miles. It looks amazing particularly on the inside. It is currently owned by a mechanic and he tells us he has CarFax reports and maintenance records going back to ’95. Not perfect but better than most. It does have updated wheels and a newer Alpine Stereo but other than that, it is as it should be. If everything checks out, you can have this 160mph GT car with impeccable build quality for $12,500. Okay, it might be expensive compared to other 928s but I think you need to look at what you are getting for the price. Click here for the listing.928 left rear quarter

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