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A Mint Preferred Offering: ’93 Ferrari 512TR

93 TR512 fr

The Ferrari Testarossa was introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 1984. It essentially is a more usable version of the 512BBi Berlinetta Boxer. Ferrari accomplished making room for luggage and reducing cabin temperatures by moving the radiators to the rear of the car. And that is why the Testarossa has those massive cooling vents ahead of the rear wheels. Ferraristi call these slats cheese cutters. The Testarossa was always a good performer but it was criticized for being a bit overweight. That was rectified in ’92 with the next generation called the 512TR. And that is what we have here exclusively on Mint. 93 TR512 intThe 512TR shed over 300 pounds and gained 38hp effectively silencing all critics. Today’s 512 was purchased new in California and within a year, sold to the current owner. It is equipped with Tubi Exhaust, side fender shields and chrome factory wheels. The 512TR has approximately 15,000 miles and has had a major $9,000+ service less than 500 miles ago. Those 500 miles were accumulated in the past 4 years. 93 512 TR engThis is one of the good ones, owned by a serious collector who spared no expense keeping this one in perfect order. Unfortunately, he has passed away at a ripe old age and the estate is now liquidating all assets. The 512TR is the Testarossa you want to own. They are valued significantly higher than its predecessor yet still presents a great buying opportunity. The seller is asking $120,000 and we have seen them sell for more and higher mileage cars for less. The 512TR is located near Albany, New York. Please call me direct for the seller’s contact information. (203) 417-6856.93 TR512 re

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  1. Mark says:

    I have a friend with an ’85 TR. After 4000 miles, accumulated in about 15 to 20 years he took it for a spin, broke a belt. VERY expensive. I would hunch belts should be changed every 5 – 7 years regardless of mileage. Easy job. Just put it on a lift and drop the entire rear sub-frame…..motor, transaxle and wheels 😉

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