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8 Responses to Snow bird: ’89 Mercedes-Benz 560SL

  1. 88R107 says:

    If you could buy it at the current bid of $12,600 it would be a steal. When I bought mine Florida, especially the Naples area was flooded with these things. In this shape, or better and some are well into the mid to high $20’s. I got a good solid 3 owner with just a few needs for $8500.00. Its Champagne with Palomino and I will all in at $10.000 when I’m done…hopefully.

  2. CMoreno says:

    I’ve been following the 560SL for now close to 4 months – I want, I’m looking for one, preferably 88 – 89 and Naples is close to me.

    While I agree that the 560SL is appreciating in value, I have seen many of them, coming into eBay, over and over – the same exact vehicles, reaching,…, top around $12K (~ +/- $2K) with “reserve not met”. This specific vehicle has been listed several times and every time, it is not reaching above reserve. Are sales/price expectations above demand?
    Maybe I am wrong. I like the 560, I want one, but I don’t want to overpaid. Thanks…

    • mint2me says:

      I know of a Garnet metallic with palomino ’89 in Sarasota with 76500 miles. They are asking $19500. Seems the low mileage cars are close to $20K and higher.

      • CMoreno says:

        I am familiar with the car – beautiful condition
        Was originally listed for $16,999 over two months ago, never sold. Now is listed for $19K. Still, no bids.
        I find difficult to understand that “a merchandise” is not moving but price keeps going up.

  3. david moss says:

    A few picky things:

    The original Becker is gone and the Jap radio looks out of place.

    The speedo needle is yellow. The Florida sun bleached out the pretty orange color.

    Nice 107! In spite of the ugly DOT bumpers.

  4. tomw says:

    Wish mine was tbis nice. Beautiful car. When I was looking for mine there were a lot of snow bird SLs out there.

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