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6 Responses to Proceed with caution: ’66 Volvo 122S

  1. David Word says:

    I too confirm that this listing is a scam. I am the successful buyer that outbid at least one other back in November and bought this Volvo form Cascadia. It is still in my possession and is not nor has it been offered for sale.
    Additionally, the purchase from Bob W , owner of Cascadia, was smooth, straight forward, informative, and helpful.
    I was first made aware of this Volvo on BaT and I enjoy both your site and BaT religiously every morning.
    David W

    • mint2me says:

      Thanks for closing the loop on this one. It has become part of our “job”-readers & writers alike- (our lawyer will hate that) to sniff out scams. Cascadia is terrific. We wish more people would take the time that they do to find great cars and present them in such a beautiful manner. Guess it helps to be a talented photographer, right Bob? BaT and Mint2Me have similar taste and sometimes we discover and decide to feature the same car. But I think we are different enough for both of us to warrent a daily read. We read them every morning and my firend bought a Landie off of BaT on our recommendation.

  2. Jack says:

    I love the Cascadia cars and their auctions. It’s a master class in how to present a car for sale.

  3. Bob Waldman says:

    Unfortunately it’s becoming more common on ebay, seems to happen a few times a year with my listings. Highjack an id, copy and paste and wait for a sucker. Thanks for your comments.

  4. Bob Waldman says:

    Definitely a scam, I’m the previous seller and was contacted this morning by the person who hit the buy it now at $9900. Fortunately he is web savvy and realized it was fraud as soon as they spoke to the “seller”. I think he may have saved a less experienced buyer from a lot of heartache and expense. Ebay’s been notified as well as the holder of the seller account that was hijacked.

    • mint2me says:

      Thanks for updating us! As I mentioned in our post, we really admire all of the cars you find and the way in which you present them. Not too many black plate, pea green, pristine 122Ss around so it wasn’t hard to recognize. Didn’t realize the eBayer had his account hijacked though. It’s like the wild west…

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