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Better: ’69 Jaguar XKE OTS

69 Jaguar Series 2  fr

If you prefer a beautiful Jaguar that is easier to live with than an early Jag, the Series II E-types are the cars you should look at. US Government regulations caused the loss of the trademark covered headlamps, forced the repositioning of the tail lights, toggle switches were abandoned and one carburetor. But Jaguar took the opportunity to make it a little bit better while they dealt with the new rules. Therefore the Series II cars were cured of one of the E-types biggest problems and that is overheating. Jaguar enlarged the air intake and installed some cooling fans effectively taking care of the issue.

69 Jaguar Series 2  intToday’s featured Jaguar is a well exercised and meticulously cared for example with 84,000 miles. It is finished in British Racing Green with biscuit interior and sports the now optional chrome wire wheels. This is a no stories and no immediate needs car backed up by a Jaguar Heritage Certificate. The Series II E-types represent a good value although their prices are creeping up with the rest of the market. Curiously the Series II cars are valued just a little bit higher than the Series 1.5 cars according to the Sports Car Market Price Guide. Not by much and we are sure there is a reason but it escapes us. The seller is asking a reasonable $62,500. If you are interested in this Jaguar, please email us at and we’ll put you in contact with the seller. The Jaguar is in Northwestern, Connecticut near Mint’s headquarters.69 Jaguar Series 2  re

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