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Now on eBay! “Private”: ’67 Maserati Mexico


We are fortunate to have a very nice 4.7 liter Maserati Mexico on offer from one of our favorite sellers. The Mexico is fitted from the factory with the 4.7 liter engine and Borrani wire wheels and that makes this one of the desirable early cars. Later Mexicos were fitted with the 4.2 liter engine and disc wheels from the Quattroporte. $_57-1The seller’s client prefers that this transaction be kept private and that is why there is an absence of photographs (obviously no longer the case!). We have seen the Mexico and the interior is very good and the body is solid. It is in need of a respray but well worth the investment. If you are interested in a ’67 Maserati Mexico, we encourage you to email or phone us for the seller’s contact information. or (203) 417-6856. Click here for the listing.

One Response to Now on eBay! “Private”: ’67 Maserati Mexico

  1. Jeffrey Hamilton says:

    What a beautiful car, and that dash…all those gauges, I love gauges !


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