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Tiger’s bones: ’62 Sunbeam Alpine Series II


Everyone goes bananas for a Sunbeam Tiger but the basis for the Tiger, the Alpine, gets short shrift. It shouldn’t because it is a really decent sports car in the British tradition. Alpines were pretty competitive too winning their class in SCCA racing here in the states and making a pretty decent showing in rallies in Europe. We have a thing for rally cars and that would be the direction we might take with this one. And one reason for that is the factory hard top that comes along with it. $_57-5The seller tells us the Alpine has been treated to a complete restoration with a recent engine rebuild by a marque specialist. The exterior has been refinished in the original blue, Wedgewood Blue we think. The off white hard top is the perfect color choice. The top does need work including a rear window and that can’t be easy to find! The seller is asking $13,500 and that sounds about right. Click here for the listing.$_57-6

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