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2-Pedals: ’62 Jaguar Mark 2


A vintage Jaguar Saloon, or Sedan on this side of the pond, is a thing of beauty.. They adhered to Sir William Lyon’s philosophy of “grace, pace and space”, when they conceived this elegant 4-door. Like many old luxury cars, they were not respected by collectors as much as sporty coupes and convertibles. We get that. However with the increasing popularity of historic rallies and enjoyable classic car tours, they are gaining some serious respect. Why not be comfortable while you’re having fun. $_57-2$_57We are not suggesting taking Grandpa’s Buick Electra 225 on the New England 1000 mind you. Today’s Jaguar was parked when broke and recently brought back to running condition. The paint is 20 years old and we prefer the patina of older paint to new, deep gloss paint, particularly if the rest of the car is close to original. The interior is covered in leather, some original and some replacements. We wish it was a 3 pedal car but alas it is an automatic. Some of our readers will appreciate it for what it is and it would make a great event car automatic or not. Click here for the listing.$_57-3

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