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“24”: ’67 Fiat Dino Spider

New Dino

Alfredino (Little Alfred) was Enzo Ferrari’s only son by his marriage to Laura. Enzo affectionately called his beloved son, Dino. He was a brilliant engineer even though his degenerative illness prevented him from finishing engineering school. He died at 24 but his influence on Ferrari’s future was secured forever. Dino, along with Vittorio Jano, is credited with the design of the engine in this beautiful ’67 Spider appropriately named the Fiat Dino. Ferrari provided the engine to Fiat so production could be ramped up and it could be approved for racing in the 2-liter class quickly. Meeting these racing required benchmarks is referred to as homologation. Dino intThe very same engines plucked from the assembly line in Turin were used in the first Ferrari mid-engine car – the 206 Dino. This rare 1967 Fiat Dino Spider is finished in Dark Green (perhaps it is Pino Verde?) with Tan leather interior. Only 1,133 2.0 Fiat Dino Spiders were ever made. The seller tells us it is rust free and has recently been serviced by marque expert, Auto Turismo Sport. DSC_0065Finding a rust free example in this unusual and elegant color combination is extremely difficult. The seller is asking $99,900. If you are interested in acquiring this Dino, email for the seller’s contact information.New Dino 2

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