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RM Auctions, Amelia Island

RM Auctions gave us one heck of a ride on Saturday. Again, we’ll leave the analysis of the general trend of the market to experts. We’ll provide a more detailed review of the sales we were interested in when we get more time. Amelia Island presents an amazing opportunity to meet old friends and new people leaving little time for sitting at the computer. After the Concours today, we start driving back to Connecticut, dodging any snow or ice that may present itself along the way.

We were present for the star of the RM Auction – Malcolm Pray’s French Mistress. She is a 1937 Delahaye Competition Court Torpedo. Pray admired this Delahaye at an Auto Show as a teenager. He drew a little sketch of the car and pinned it on his wall proclaiming one day he will own that car. Well he did and for over 50 years. The family has decided to let her go in order to help fund the Pray Family Foundation. Malcolm’s little pencil sketch will go along with it. The Auction estimate was quickly surpassed, ending in an Amelia Island RM Auction record. You can watch the entire action unfold by clicking on the image below.mistress

2 Responses to RM Auctions, Amelia Island

  1. Dan Whalen says:

    All it took was two people that really wanted that car…..great job with the video. Thanks, Michael.

  2. bill hoover says:

    Thanks for the reporting from Amelia. Drive Safely.

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