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Disneyland: ’62 Mercedes-Benz 220S


The Mercedes-Benz Fintail sedan is not a thing of beauty. But they are rugged and impeccably built and just right for customization. A fully restored to original Finnie may be considered a little boring but a hot rally car, like ours, BaT’s and Classic Motorsports Finnie, are really fun. This one is being sold at a good price, $4,900, and can probably be had for less. The body looks solid as a California car should (it is 5 miles from Disneyland) but the interior is pretty much toast. The Classic Motorsports car was afflicted in the same way and they just bought a donor parts car with a better interior and swapped it out. You will be one step ahead of theirs (maybe more) because their car had some serious rust issues. It already has the Stage 1 Rally Tune-up (no wheel covers).00a0a_1Ga8fIwGmyX_600x450Finnies aren’t cheap to get right mechanically but they are very robust. Ours, like this one, is a column mounted 4-speed and doesn’t look as sporty as a floor shift car but works very well. The seller says the Air Conditioning needs work. It sure does so just yank it the hell out of there and sell it on eBay. Put the money towards the elegant Euro headlamps. The factory rally cars, we believe, were originally white-gray although we have seen period rally cars painted like the Classic Motorsports car – blue with a white top. No one really cares too much as long as it has a ton of lights up front. Click here for the listing.00g0g_lW5XQNGDj4H_600x450

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