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Hot Rod: ’66 Mini Cooper “S”


The “S” is in quotes because this isn’t a real “S” but one heck of Mini regardless. It is a ’66 Austin Mini MK II with a huge personality transformation. It is equipped with a hot 1275cc motor coupled to a ’85 4-speed. The suspension was converted to dry from wet and is fully adjustable. The brakes were upgraded with an S booster and “the best components”. Everything got some attention including the headlights and horn. The interior has racing buckets and they look pretty good to us. 00Y0Y_ihpTNurkwRB_600x450The Mini has some provenance issues with some previous minor damage to the front but all of that appears to cured with the build. A few things need attention but nothing serious. Minis are pretty small so it is a good idea to paint them bright colors like this yellow car. The seller is asking $20 grand and that may seem like a lot of money but if you add up all of the work and upgrades perhaps you couldn’t duplicate it for this price. If you are a Mini expert, your opinion is welcome. Click here for the listing.00P0P_k98TGj4Gf3B_600x450

One Response to Hot Rod: ’66 Mini Cooper “S”

  1. Jeffrey Hamilton says:

    Wow, a beautiful build, and it may actually be worth the asking price…but I absolutely detest the colour…pity that.


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