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Not the earliest: ’65 Volvo 1800S


Many collectors and hobbyists prefer the earliest versions of their marque of choice. Jaguar lovers covet the flat-floor, Moss gearbox, outside latch E-Types even though the next generation is much more enjoyable and looks pretty much the same. We will elevate the Volvo 1800S in this analogy. The earliest cars were not known as “S” but simply P1800 because the bodies weren’t built in Sweden. They were built by Jensen and the quality was a little iffy. Volvo brought production to Sweden in 1963. The early cars have some interesting details and are very rare to find in unrestored, original condition. The most common early cars we see are like today’s ’65. 00o0o_jrrCRLacDWz_600x45000M0M_eBIAtLao0iH_600x450The ’65 maintains many of the styling details of the early cars yet are more fully developed. This one isn’t perfect but looks like a car you can enjoy right away. Well, we know that never really happens, so plan on a few grand to get it where you want it to be. You’ll see many of these 1800S cars in “Irv Gordon” Red or “Simon Templar” White. We have a very nice, solid red car with a pretty nice looking interior. Yes it has a dash cap and a crummy radio but you can make that right. Same goes for inoperative gauges. There are quite a few reputable vintage Volvo spares companies around and a terrific club for moral support. The seller’s asking price is $11,500 and a few years ago, we would have said nuts to that but now we think it is a car to pursue. Click here for the listing.00H0H_kG8Z61rO1XG_600x450

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