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Politically correct: ’63 MG Midget MK I


The first version of the MG Midget was essentially a slightly more expensive  version of the Austin Healey Sprite MKII. Although not as charming as the original Bug Eye Sprite, the Mark II Sprite and the Midget were very cool, capable little sports cars. MK I Midgets are simple cars with a rear suspension that retained the quarter-elliptic sprung rear axle from the original Sprite. The early Midget’s engine was a 948 cc with twin SUs producing 46 hp at 5500 rpm. Brakes were 7-inch drums all round.  In October ’62 the engine was increased to 1098cc, raising the output to 56 hp at 5500 rpm, and disc brakes replaced the drums at the front. That extra 10 hp makes for more spirited driving in such a little car so the disc brake addition is a nice feature. The seller says they only built 9,601 1098cc Midgets and if they are correct, that isn’t very many.01616_LOkdzhfDsn_600x450The doors had no external handles or locks and the windows were sliding Perspex side-screens. A hard top, heater, radio and luggage rack were available as factory extras. Wire spoked wheels became available. The seller believes the paint may be original to the car and that would be remarkable. The interior was refreshed years ago and hopefully has earned some patina along the way. It runs well and has the “big” motor so why not take a shot and have a second look at this one. The asking price is $11,500 and you can contact the seller by clicking here.00F0F_gKwg5LT5nC2_600x450



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  1. Jeffrey Hamilton says:

    Gee, some sort of inkling as to this cars actual mileage would be a nice detail to add to his listing.
    A nice looking car, but an optimistic price without much more documentation.


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