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2 Responses to Be brave: ’50 Jaguar Mark V 2.5

  1. Steve Isaac says:

    I bought the 1950 Mark V that is thought to have been owned by the Royal Family of Thailand. The car did have some documentation with it such as the shipping certificate from Thailand dated August 5,1982 shipped by a Messrs. D. Karnasuta of Thailand. There was a painted sign in the car in TAI that has the vin # and “check engine” painted on the sign. I did have a Jaguar Heritage check done. The car was manufactured Oct 26, 1950 and shipped to ASSIA, Bangkok, Thailand Nov 23 1950. I have had the car running and am in the process of doing all the brakes and other things to get the car on the road. The car was painted pastel green which is the original paint on the car that is still on the car. It looks like the interior was redone as the original interior was a suede green. I am in the process of trying to obtain more information on the car while it was in Thailand. So far everything works on the car.

  2. JimmyinTexas says:

    Might be worth buying just to pull out the back seat and recover all the jewels that were lost there…

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