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Spring isn’t in the air…

ATS Colonel

It’s still cold here in Northwest, Connecticut however we know Spring will come…when it is good and ready. And ready we must be so the M-B 230S aka The Colonel is up in the air at our shop getting the leaking steering box resealed. It has some pretty interesting company. A beautiful ’71 Porsche 911T, a ’84 911SC and, get this – a real live Alfa-Romeo GTA. The GTA is getting suspension components installed so it can get moved around easily. It is a genuine GTA with all the visible rivets and aluminum panels. Alas, none of these fabulous cars are for sale (at this time).

2 Responses to Spring isn’t in the air…

  1. Chris says:

    Is that Auto Tourismo Sport in New Milford, Ct.? I believe it is.

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