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Pop the cork: ’65 Porsche 356SC Coupe


We can understand how seller’s, primarily dealers, run out of ways to describe the car they are trying to sell. We like these guys in California. They always come up with nice cars but this is kind of funny. They begin to describe today’s Champagne Yellow SC as very original and proceed to tell you all of the new things the car has going for it, like an entire interior. It is nice that it has a new interior particularly if it is done right but that does not make an original car very original. The SC is the last of a long line of 356s. It is prized among collectors because it has a lot of good things going for it like disc brakes and a powerful 95 hp engine. 1304It is a California black plate car and that may have given it an even chance to stay relatively rust free. Let’s just say a 356 that is solid is a miracle because Porsche didn’t rust proof cars back then so escsaping the tinworm is a hard to manage. But this one probably is in pretty good condition given the description of the even, “factory” gaps all around. The 356SC is prized as we said before and valuations substantiate that statement. A perfect Coupe is well over $100,000. Lets say this one is a Condition #2.5 for arguements sake. That puts the $75,000 at a fair price to start. If it is a Condition #3 car in the flesh, then you know where to go. Click here for the listing.11

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