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Mid-life: ’73 Porsche 914 2.0


We understand that these are not cherished Porsches. The 1.8 liter cars weren’t so hot but the 2.0 liter cars were better. Not hugely better but better. Of course, the 914-6 is a whole other enchilada. The stats of a 914 are pretty impressive. Nice mid-engine chassis, German build quality, roomy interior, great brakes, precise steering and balanced handling all add up to a nifty little sports car. The styling was a bit odd, we’ll give you that.00y0y_5OU9q7Nhv83_600x450These 914s are inexpensive to buy and inexpensive to maintain so if you can find a decent one, why not have all the fun and keep some money in the bank. Today’s find has 73,000 original miles and the seller says it has been restored with no expense spared. That is one tall hyperbole. The seller also tells us that these are on the collector car elevator heading straight to the top. That’s number 2 hyperbole. With that said, if it is a decent car for the $9500 asking price it is a reasonable alternative to an “ordinary” British sports car.  We think anyone interested in this car be a little wary. Click here for the listing.00A0A_8DUBpQlSdJr_600x450

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  1. Rick says:

    914-4 / 2.0:
    100 HP @ 5000

    914-6 / 2.0:
    110 HP @ 5800

    Conclusion: 914-6 GROSSLY overrated, providing only a marginal performance increase over the 914-4 2.0.

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