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3 Responses to Wagon ho: ’78 Alfasud Giardinetta

  1. Alfa_Japan says:

    This is the only Giardinetta (not Giardinera) in the US. There are for sure less than 100 Giardinetta survivors around the world with this one being the only one in the US. The originally built number of Giardinetta’s is a little less than 6000 and with it’s workhorse usage on top of the usual Alfasud issues there are very few left.

    • mint2me says:

      Interesting that the seller who proclaims to be a real Alfasud fan would refer to the Giardinetta as a Giardiniera in the listing. We must confess to not knowing the designation of an Alfasud wagon so thanks…

  2. fiatosca says:

    OK, I love this.

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