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Maybe: ’71 Fiat 124 Spider

71 Fiat fr

First things first: is it Spider or Spyder? We think Italians spell it with an “I” and Germans with a “Y”. What say you? Of course no matter how you spell it, the reference dates back to a sporty horse-drawn carriage with big wheels and 2 seats. It was said to look like a spider hence the name. The Fiat 124 Spider and its stablemate Coupe were really excellent little sports cars particularly early cars like this ’71. Go through the list – 1600cc, DOHC, 5-speed transmission – all add up to lots of fun for the money. The styling is from Pininfarina and has aged really well. Pininfarina actually built the Spiders while the Coupes were built by Fiat. It is a rare sight to see one of these. 71 Fiat dashThey were not known for their longevity so when you see a potential survivor, it is refreshing. The seller lists all of the nice things about the car with the most important item first: it has a solid body. These rust in as much time as it takes for your Rigatoni to be al dente. Following the solid body is a good interior, crack-free dash and a rebuilt engine. We even like the color, a popular choice back in the day. The seller is asking $5,300 and if all that the seller says is true, could be lotsa fun. We would like a bit more room in the price for the seen and the unseen.  Click here for the listing.71 Fiat re

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