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Luxury: ’68 Porsche 911L

68 911L DS fr

In ’68, Porsche offered a new model , the 911L. It is powered by the 130bhp ‘O’ series engine from the original 911. The L retained all of the 911S upgrades and amenities like dual-circuit, ventilated disc brakes, as well as the recessed button door handles, aluminum dash, black steering wheel, black-faced gauges and black wipers. The 911L was most expensive and luxuriously appointed Porsches ever offered in the US. According to those who know these things, they made 450 911Ls. 68 911L intThis is a 1-owner car since ’70 and has 98,XXX miles to date. The floors and cross members are factory original. The interior was redone and looks okay from the picture. The paint is older and looks a bit dull in spots. It could be the photos supplied in the listing. These are rare in any condition and this one looks good enough to seriously consider. We wouldn’t be surprised if the 911L sells for well over $100 grand. Click here for the listing.68 911L re

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