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Did one of our readers buy this Buick and ship it to New Zealand?: ’70 Buick Skylark

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One of our readers from New Zealand is now the proud owner of this California Skylark. It was featured almost a year ago submitted by our friend Tony B. who spotted it on the street near his home in Venice. The new owner would like to know more about the car and how it wound up in New Zealand. My Uncle Sal was a Buick dealer back in 1970. I always anticipated his arrival at family get-togethers. Not because I was glad to see him, I just wanted to see what he was driving. One Sunday he cruised into the driveway in a ’65 Riviera Gran Sport with some monster 455 ci engine. I fell in love with big Rivieras that day. Because he was a very successful dealer, all his kids – my cousins – drove neat Buicks including one like our friend Tony B. found today on the street in Santa Monica.

The last Buick I (Tony B.) owned was a ’34 Coupe. I bought it from the original owner..the proverbial little old lady who only drove it to the grocery store (although she and her husband had driven it new to Hollywood from Chicago.) I spotted it in her driveway and waited several years for her to sell it. Today, history sort of repeated itself. Here’s another Buick Coupe (’70 Skylark) I spotted driving by in Santa Monica. Original owner was the current owner’s grandmother. Buick IntI don’t know what it’s worth, but I’d say “whatever they’re asking” ie, $19,000. 79,000 miles; perfect new matching interior; flawless repaint and top; lovely color and lines. The only flaw I could see was the tip of its bumper/nose, where I bet someone bumped it, flaking the chrome a bit. Ask for Joey (not the owner): 310-882-8782


2 Responses to Did one of our readers buy this Buick and ship it to New Zealand?: ’70 Buick Skylark

  1. Garry Jenkins says:

    Hi there Joey Garry here. I have just purchased this car in New Zealand march 2014.Just wondering if a kiwi bought it off you? also have you still got orginal ownership papers and number plates?. Its still in mint condition . cheers

    • mint2me says:

      It made it to New Zealand! It is possible a reader purchased it after spotting it on our site but we were not informed of ther transaction. My good friend saw the car on the street near his home in Venice, California. He sent me a picture of it so we posted it. We like Buicks. Tell you what we’ll do. We will ask our readers if they bought it and exported it to NZ. I’ll keep you informed.

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