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Be careful out there…

With our office now located at Auto Turismo Sport, we see lots of new acquisitions by owners who have not seen nor requested a thorough PPI prior to purchase. That, dear readers, is Russian roulette, vintage car style. Some are lucky and get what they expected but in most cases there are surprises. Big surprises. DSC_1752Like “no floors in my new Porsche” surprises. In most cases, you have very little recourse for cars that are misrepresented. So you have to suck it up and lose some money. The decision becomes do I go all in and fix everything or do I unload it on some other unsuspecting soul. If it has happened to you take solace in knowing it has happened to the best of us. There are a few companies out there that we know of who can help. One is Jewel or They have a list of inspectors nationwide that are categorized by their level of expertise and particular marque knowledge. There are of course, many other inspection companies out there. Expect a thorough PPI on a Porsche, for example, to cost $250 to $350 depending on how thorough you want to go. If you have had good luck with an inspection company, let us know who they are and we will share the information with our readers.

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