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2 Responses to Outsider: ’87 Porsche 930 Turbo

  1. Saabseller says:

    Don’t know which gear you were in, but there was no dog leg first … maybe you were in reverse???

  2. LL says:

    I was 15 when this car hit the market and worked as a valet. I remember this car pulling up and my manager knew how much I wanted to drive one so he flagged me out of the pool of drivers to park it.

    I took the keys, pressed down on that heavy spring loaded clutch and slipped that odd dog leg 1st gear into place and stalled it in front of the owner. Several times. I finally got her to go and as soon as I was out of sight I stomped on that gas – Holly hell, it was like God pushed me down the road (after a moment of turbo lag). I landed up breaking her sideways and into a 360 or 2 around a corner and almost wrecked her in an impossibly bad manner. We limped back with my tail between my legs and have forever remembered this car and that night. It was a hell of a thing.

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