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One Response to Turned fifty: ’64 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

  1. Frank says:

    The 64 is the most under-rated mid year and to me it is one of the nicest and most unique of that era and here’s why. First, the scoops on the lower front quarter panels are simply gorgeous, they flow with the design of the car and adds a European feel to the car. In 65 the scoops go straight up and down and just chop the front-end right off the car. Okay, they look more hot roddy, that’s cool if you like that, but I will take the more refined look any day of the week.

    Second, the hood scopes are really cool compared to the flat hoods that followed through 67.

    Third, the Interior appointments are just so unique. First, the seats are cool smaller “real” Sports Car Seats… they are not big boxy plastic clunkers like 65 up. The gauges are simply gorgeous with their “cone” shaped design, with 90 degree angled needles… please.. to go from that to FLAT the next year. And also the gorgeous flat door panels. The whole interior looks just classic 50’s early 60’s sports car, rather than a modern looking interior.

    Visually, the 63 and 64 Corvettes are beautiful. Who really cares about disc brakes, and if you really really need them they are simple to convert.

    64 Corvettes are a bargain and there will be a time when people figure out it is really a great buy and visually a great looking car. If you like a more European flair, like a Ferrari, Masserati or Jag then the 63 and 64 Corvettes just may be the right Corvette for you. To me, the 64 is the ultimate “gentleman’s” Corvette. Class all the way. (Okay gear heads, take a swing, we’re all entitled to our opinions).

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