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Just getting started: ’95 BMW 540i


A 1995 anything with 102,000 miles should be considered low miles. That’s 5,300 miles a year. There was a time when a car with 100,000 miles was considered used up. No longer. Irv Gordon taught us after he clicked over the 3 million mile mark. One of Mint’s customers brought in their son’s ’94 530i with a blown out spark plug. It has 275,000 miles on it. We installed a Heli-coil, changed the plugs and it runs like a young pup. Today’s 540i looks a little tricked out wearing huge Hartge wheels but it sort of works. 00t0t_7tQHFR7eTHG_600x450If you live in a city where potholes are a problem, sell these on eBay pronto. You won’t be happy. The car has service records since new and the seller is the 3rd owner. The interior, we are told, is perfect and it looks pretty good in the photo. The exterior paint is original too and the 540i wears the bright white color well. The asking price is $7,700. Click here for the listing.00Z0Z_64aSpIXUqAX_600x450

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