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Mint Exclusive – Osso di Seppia: ’67 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider

Duetto fr

This is just in and it won’t be around for long. It has to be one of the nicest Alfa Spiders we’ve seen in a long time. We didn’t want to wait for the rain to stop to take the pictures it deserves so we’ve broken our own rule to get it to you quickly. We’ve taken the liberty of referring to it as a Duetto, the name the new Spider was given during the first few years of production. They switched over to 1750 Spider late in ’67. We don’t know the production date so why not call it a Duetto. It is better than calling it a Graduate that refers to its starring role as Ben’s ride of choice in the movie co-starring Dustin Hoffman. The Duettos and early 1750s have a few nicknames. In Italy they call them Osso di Seppia or cuttle-fish bone and that refers to the unique boat-tail styling. Later cars have a chopped-off Kamn tail. Today’s exclusive is a great running car with a much larger 2-liter motor from a newer Kamn-tail. That’s a big jump in performance from the original 1600cc motor. Duetto int betterThe paint is as good as it gets without being a concours quality effort. The stainless is bright and shiny, the windows free from chips. It has the proper early Carello heaadlight covers and comes with a set of body colored covers for the days when the Carellos may be at risk. The interior is bare bones like the original Duettos with rubber mats in place of carpets. The top is excellent. The wheels are Panasports with relatively new tires. It has been through the shop at Auto Turismo Sport and it has become a favorite of the technician that prepped it for sale. The only work-around the Spider has is a modified ignition switch that operates by turning the original key and then a starter button. Sounds like a modern technology to me. The asking price is $42,900. Email me at michael at for details.Duetto rear

5 Responses to Mint Exclusive – Osso di Seppia: ’67 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider

  1. Rick says:

    It’s not a Duetto. It’s a 1750 Spider. Duettos came with 1600 engines and Webers. This car came with a 1750 and fuel injection. That said, the name “Duetto” is thrown around pretty loosely and applied – incorrectly – to all round-tails.

    The engine swap is a well-accepted upgrade in most Alfa circles. Few could even tell the difference looking at the engine.

    From what I can see in the photos, it’s priced at about twice retail.

    • mint2me says:

      I agree on the Duetto title for all round tails. Thought I was pretty clear about that. And you are also correct in your evaluation on price. It is pretty expensive.

  2. James says:

    Not worth that kind of money with the original engine much less an incorrect swap.

  3. Airboss says:

    strong money for a car that’s had an engine swap. If it had to be done, should have done a 1750.

  4. chuck wilberger says:

    send more pictures of this alfa

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