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5 Responses to Air-bridge ’93 Cadillac Allante Northstar V8

  1. TWWOKC says:

    Classic example of GM finally getting it right then killing the car. The Northstar was an improvement but they were problematic from the get go. A 20 year old Northstar be prepared for a lot of oil use. The Allante was a bold move for Cadillac but nothing more than an interesting footnote. Look for an 88 or 89 R107 for about the same money.

    • Jack says:

      My wife and I were invited to a consumer focus group at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach many years ago. It was pretty secretive, and only after we were well into the proceedings did it become apparent that it was part of the product planning for the Allante. Your comment about GM killing the car is quite apt. When you look at GM’s performance since the late 1970s it’s pretty much been one screw-up after another.

  2. Jack says:

    Thanks for fixing!

  3. Jack says:

    Link is broken.

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