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EXCLUSIVE: ’85 Ferrari 308GTS QV

IMG_0218 The Ferrari 308 has come of age. One might even say a feeding frenzy is a brewing. The early cars are prized particularly the first batch of vetroresina or fiberglass cars. In the US the early ’80s delivered us an underpowered 308 and they weren’t much fun. But by ’82, the engineers at Ferrari gave the 308’s motor the engineering version of a Breathe Right Strip. They gave it 4 valves per cylinder or as they say at the pizzeria in Modena, Quattrovalvole.  This ultimate iteration of the 308 featured four-valve cylinder heads and an improved engine-management system that boosted U.S. output to 230 hp. While the QVs are far more refined than the early carburetor models, all 308s are non-temperamental and user-friendly, and can comfortably be used as daily drivers. Our exclusive today is offered by a former client of ours who relocated to North Carolina.
IMG_0221We always say a Ferrari with decent miles on it is a happy Ferrari. This one is well exercised with 55,000 miles. And it isn’t red! It is finished in Grigio Titanio with Rossa Interior. Spectacular! All the services required are up to date too. Here are a few of the details: new gas lines,  new interior carpets,  3-M clear bra, racing aluminum pedals, new injectors, new sport cat, new Koni shocks, new battery , new battery tender, new water pump, belts, hoses, tires, new wires, new coils, new K & N sport air filter, new steering rack, new bushings (front and back) , new fan, new A/C unit (just installed) converted, replaced clutch, major belt service 8 K miles ago. Hoping to get better pictures soon. The asking price is $49,000. Email us or call (203) 417-6856.

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