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Fewer listings…but better?

Since we’ve moved into our office at Auto Turismo Sport we find ourselves busier than ever. ATS has been in business since ’68 and many of their clients have been with them from the start. And what a diverse client list. photo-1-565x423There is a long-term MGTD owner who knows he has to sell but can’t bring himself to let it go, a well-known author who treasures the ’62 TR3 that he bought new and then there are the multi car folks. Not so much collectors because they drive the heck out their cars. In fact one client drove his ’57 Maserati 200si in the rain to ATS for a “nut & bolt” (race prep). How cool is that.



Meeting all of these clients allows us to make some important connections that will lead to more and more extraordinary listings. So our Mint2Me business model has morphed into something different from intended. We are no longer a daily that posts cars that interest us and our readers (one of our favorites, BaT, posts a ton of stuff lately). We will be more selective. That does not mean we won’t feature your car when you find the nerve to part with it. On the contrary. If it makes it on Mint, it will be in front of readers with the resource to buy. We welcome your comments as usual.

Ferrari 512BBi engine coming out for service

Ferrari 512BBi engine coming out for service

4 Responses to Fewer listings…but better?

  1. BigEgyptian says:

    Wow! You guys are local! Nice!
    Mind if I swing by sometime to say hi?
    Been following the listings here and love the quality choices

    Keep up the great work

  2. Willy says:

    Yes, BaT posts a ton of stuff, but I tire of all the bickering in the commentary. I’ll miss your frequent posts and the civilized forum they foster.

  3. L.M.K. says:

    Good luck with the new endeavor / move…..We’ll welcome your emails when ever they arrive whether daily or bi weekly….

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