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Sold, Sold, Sold! Exclusive: ’83 Mercedes-Benz 300D Turbo with 4,100 miles


One of our Mint readers snapped this one up in a hurry. Congrats to Buyer. It is a spectacular car. One likely we’ll never see again.

Yup. You read it correctly it has only 4,100 original miles and it is spectacular. I drove it and it even smells like new. I am sure that if you took a nice example with maybe 150,000 miles and sent it to the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center it would cost you about $100,000 to make it this nice. That is not a shot at the Classic Center by the way. They deserve whatever they get. What makes this car even more special (if that is possible), is the color and trim. It is a very desirable Anthracite Gray Metallic with tan M-B Tex interior.

Full DashCenter console
All systems are currently functioning properly and it has just had all of the fluids changed. As soon as the detailer gets his hands on it, the preservation class trophies will start pouring in so clear the trophy case. Of course, you might be tempted to just drive it as you would a regular daily driver. A decent mid-size luxury car like this will cost you about the same and will be built like crap. They don’t build cars like the 300D anymore. And no funky computers or digital stuff to deal with either. The mid-size luxury reference gives you a hint at what the seller is asking for this Mercedes in rare condition. The number is $49,900. Call (914) 217-4817 for an appointment to see and drive it.Open Doors

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  2. fiatosca says:

    Hard to justify as an investment at that price, but doubt you’d find it’s equal. If money is no object, I’m sure it would put a smile on your face.

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