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A Mint Exclusive: ’62 BMW 700 Cabriolet

BMW 700 Fr

We featured a rare 700 Cabriolet a few months ago and a nearly identical twin has popped onto the market and ours exclusively.

The 700 is one of several models credited with having rescued BMW from being swallowed up by Mercedes-Benz. When production ended, over 188,000 had been produced, and that level of commercial success enabled the company, supported by a major shareholder named Herbert Quandt, to block the threatened take-over. The cutesy styling was by Giovanni Michelotti – with a little resemblance to the Triumph Herald. A coupé and a cabriolet like today’s featured car, were also produced, with bodies made by Karosserie Baur of Stuttgart. BMW 700 INTIt is powered by a 2-cylinder, air-cooled engine of 697 cc from the BMW R67 motorcycle. Our featured example looks to be as nice as the earlier 700 Cabriolet we featured. Today’s car is a nut and bolt restoration using all original components in the rebuild. The seller has documentation of the rotisserie restoration and that will help any potential buyer value the quality of the work. We are in touch with the seller and he is asking $32,500. Contact us at Mint via email (michael at mint2me .com) or call 203-417-6856.BMW Fr

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  1. Somer says:

    Engine was totally different from a R-67 engine.It was unique for automotive use.

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