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B Plus: ’71 Porsche 911T Targa

PorscheWe received our new copy of Sports Car Market Pocket Price Guide yesterday. It is a good tool to help sort through the maze of market opinions on collector cars. The new issue has early 911, long wheelbase Porsches rated B-Grade collectibles with 4 stars. They also note a 20% increase in valuation over last year. The 4 star rating suggests this model will outperform the market by as much as 10%. With that said, you should have a look at this Porsche not because it is a good investment but as a a rewarding car to drive in many ways. The seller says it runs well and has some cosmetic issues. They also tell us who has been caring for the car mechanically and that is always a good place to start asking questions. We also really like Albert Blue. Porsches in these unusual colors always seem to attract additional attention. We’ve had the pleasure to own a few early Targas and they are nice touring cars. The Targa top is easy to operate but a bit costly to restore. The asking price is $50,000 firm and a Certificate of Origin accompanies the car. Matching number engine and original color are extremely important in the Porsche world. Not for a pure enjoyment perspective but for price appreciation. Depending on the results of the PPI, that price might be reasonable. Click here for the listing.

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