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SOLD!! – Classy Driver: ’62 Lancia Flaminia Coupe

Lanc frWe really like this car. Not because it is the most beautiful or rare but because it is so well engineered. And it is rather rare so you won’t see yourself coming and going. Sean Sheridan, our senior Ferrari technician, has worked on this car. One might say you can have a similar driving experience in this Flaminia Coupe as you would in an early Ferrari road car albeit with less power (but a lot less money). Lancia InteriorThis offering has been turned into a nice driver quality car that with a little more effort, could be even more presentable cosmetically. The paint is “okay” and the chrome could be brighter but the interior looks nice as is. Contact us for more information and pricing should be in the mid-20s. For more photos click here.Lancia

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 Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

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