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We have arrived in Sicily!

FIAT 508 BalillaIt isn’t surprising that the worst experience we’ve had so far involved something referred to as dinner on American Airlines. The lovely flight attendant said “my you didn’t eat much” and I answered, “I wonder why?”. She laughed, “I know”. We are in Sicily now, overwhelmed by our experience to date. Our family has been the most gracious hosts, feeding us home cooked meals twice a day. Dinner ends at 11 o’clock. After spending 2 days hopping around old cars parked door handle to door handle, we were and are exhausted. The entire experience met our expectations. We knew the cars were hidden away, many for more than 50 years. Some were unfortunate beyond being abandoned – part of the roof of one of the stone and wood farm outbuldings collapsed on them. 26576775023_c57ebce30a_kSomehow the unrealized dream of packing up one of the cars immediately for my own selfish pleasure didn’t bother me. With that said, some of these family members will make it to the USA. Which ones I am not entirely sure. I laughed at wanting the 1934 Fiat Balilla 508 that my mother rode in 50 years ago. The sentiment is certAlfa Romeoainly there but the reality is it would never make it up the hill we call Sheehan Road. And scarier is the thought of descending said hill. I have to digest about 400 pictures taken so far and perhaps 10 mini-films. So please be patient while we try to do justice to this experience. I met Tom Cotter at Amelia Island this past March and he is of course, the well-known “barnfinder”. When I told him what was in store for us he said it was a book. I think so.


4 Responses to We have arrived in Sicily!

  1. John says:

    I’m leaning on every word!
    I see this as a mini series with Rock Hudson , oops, Brad Pitt playing you!

  2. Robert Austin says:

    Looks like a fantastic trip Michael! Keep the stories and photos flowing. Also, give us some idea what you mission is? Are you just looking, or shopping, or documenting? So far, the few images you have share with us are exciting. Keep them coming.

    • mint2me says:

      This is a buying trip of a lifetime! Not the most glamorous find but one steeped in my family’s history. I will have to return to extract them from their entombment. That will be the best way to see each car. I couldn’t get near many of them. And an occasional rat jumping out of an Alfa bonnet added to the excitement. When I organize my picks and videos, perhaps you and Barbara can come for a visit? A little pasta and vino…

  3. chuck w says:

    good news! keep us posted. Great pictures! I share in your excitement!!!!

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