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SOLD!! Major Mini Mania: A Real 1965 Mini Cooper S 1275

Mini Cooper SMinis are cute. I get that. So cute that BMW ripped off the concept and built a successful retro-compact. But the real soul of the Mini lies with an original and originals are hard to come by. I don’t have to tell you why the Austin Mini is a historic vehicle, you can ask Wikipedia to provide you with the details. Essentially the genius lies with a unique packaging concept that allowed a small car to be pretty darn roomy. The byproduct of the transverse layout and unique suspension is that it, with a little help, could be an amazing rally car. Again, Wikipedia will provide the Rally results and you will be astounded. Or perhaps you have Paddy Hopkirk’s cell phone number. Ask him. Or if his line is busy, try Timo Makinen. Minis came with a variety of engine sizes: 848 cc, 970 cc, 997 cc, 998 cc, 1,071 cc, 1,098 cc, 1,275 cc, and were built-in quite a few countries under various names. But the real cool Mini is the Cooper S. It is like the Pontiac GTO of Mini Coopers. Mini Cooper SThe Mini Cooper S 1275 is amongst the rarest of the Minis. According to Wikipedia, 19,000 Mark I Cooper S with 970 cc, 1,071 cc or 1,275 cc engines were built. Mini Cooper SJust 1,060 with the 1275cc engine were built with RHD like ours and another 1,324 in LHD. Rare indeed. I stumbled across this very original, matching numbers authentic (Heritage Certificate) example a few miles from my home in Connecticut. I brought a knowledgable friend over to inspect it and we both concur that this is the one to get. It was refinished in the original colors about 15 years ago with some minor bubbling occurring in around 8 places. The fix would be minor and we think you could repair the areas and blend in the paint saving it from another repaint. The bottom is solid with original undercoating. Mini Cooper SIt has been parked in the same spot for weeks and it appears to be dry and without leaks (for the moment). The crazy thing is that it has the original interior. Most Minis we see have overdone interiors. This is the way it was in 1965. Remarkable. It comes with a folder of repair receipts including a stainless steel exhaust. The wheels are aftermarket and we would probably source something more original but we quibble here. My colleague and eye stood 10 feet away from it in silence. We knew what each other thought and we laughed about it when we spoke about it. This would be a fun project because we see the potential under the accumulation of dust and dirt and we both want to be the ones who do it. But alas, we both have full garages and stable marriages. We offer it to you. The asking price, $26,000, is well below the Hagerty report for cars in this condition and that doesn’t count the bonus for originality.29882910620_d6d093507b_k30093966551_e1a056feb2_k30093962101_11d00a7cdb_k30093966511_e2875cb3f8_k30093966031_9189c36d13_k30143938016_4696257d8a_k30063969512_0b1f263512_k30178702725_4c80eb7143_k30143937716_3511a02356_k

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