Red Lyon: 1989 Jaguar XJS V-12 Coupe -$14,000 obo

Jaguar XJS V12I’ve always liked the bold styling of the XJS Coupe. I think it is the “flying buttresses” that drew me to it. It was a wild and crazy departure for Jaguar but the elegant XKE had come to the end of the line and Jaguar had to deal with a host of new regulations. The XJS is really the last Jaguar of the Lyon’s-era as Jaguar’s founder was still at the helm in Coventry when work started on the E-type replacement. The legendary Malcolm Sayer, who shaped the D-type, E-type and XJ13 prototype worked on the XJS project but died before completion.

Jaguar XJS V12The heart of the XJS was the V12 engine. With 4 years of production under its belt, its smoothness and generous torque became the XJS selling point. The XJS HE was launched in ’81 I think literally gave the XJS a new lease on life. Along with the HE came a swanky interior befitting a luxurious British sports car. Improvements in technology came quickly with the addition of ABS brakes, a new Marelli ignition system and improved automatic gearbox.

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