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Red Lyon: 1989 Jaguar XJS V-12 Coupe -$14,000 obo

Jaguar XJS V12I’ve always liked the bold styling of the XJS Coupe. I think it is the “flying buttresses” that drew me to it. It was a wild and crazy departure for Jaguar but the elegant XKE had come to the end of the line and Jaguar had to deal with a host of new regulations. The XJS is really the last Jaguar of the Lyon’s-era as Jaguar’s founder was still at the helm in Coventry when work started on the E-type replacement. The legendary Malcolm Sayer, who shaped the D-type, E-type and XJ13 prototype worked on the XJS project but died before completion.

Jaguar XJS V12The heart of the XJS was the V12 engine. With 4 years of production under its belt, its smoothness and generous torque became the XJS selling point. The XJS HE was launched in ’81 I think literally gave the XJS a new lease on life. Along with the HE came a swanky interior befitting a luxurious British sports car. Improvements in technology came quickly with the addition of ABS brakes, a new Marelli ignition system and improved automatic gearbox.

Jaguar XJS V12Today’s XJS fell into the hands of its current owner as a gift upon the death of her employer. He had a small collection of cars including the Jaguar that she always admired. She never in her wildest imagination thought he would remember her in his will. Well admiration does not always coincide with desire. The Jaguar doesn’t fit her lifestyle as a registered nurse living in rural Connecticut. So I have been asked to help find it a new home.

Because it was part of a large estate, much of the early ownership documentation hasn’t been found. All we know is that the deceased owner purchased it from a dealer as a used car. He drove it about 2,000 miles before his death. No service records are therefore available save for a recent oil change and A/C service. But we do have a squeaky clean CarFax verifying the mileage and the pristine condition of this Jaguar.

Our Jaguar is finished in Signal Red with fawn leather faced seats with electric adjustment and heaters. A few small imperfections on the original paint but that is to be expected in a car that is 29 years old. This particular year has government mandated passive restraints that function properly. It is equipped with its original sound system thankfully. I always despise seeing a modern radio head set against a sea of burled walnut. In addition to all of the standard kit, this XJS was ordered with dealer installed optional wire wheels in great condition. Another custom note is the mesh grille and Euro standard single lens headlights. All of these make this Jaguar a bit different and no matter what your taste in cars is, you can’t help but say Wow!

The Jaguar runs well, idles smoothly and shifts like it should. According to those who know in the very active Jaguar Club of North America, these XJS V12s can run forever, reliably, if cared for properly like this one was apparently. Stay on top of routine service and you can have this spectacular Jaguar for less money than a fully restored Triumph TR6. And this one is all original. Call me in Connecticut at 203-417-6856. I can help schedule a thorough PPI at Auto Turismo Sport if you have interest.

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  1. Porsche Pete says:

    The rear three quarter view of this car shows it’s best view and the one most will see as it speeds past.
    Nice to see mint in my inbox. More please !

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