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Champagne anyone?: ’68 Porsche 912 Soft-window Targa

68 Porsche 912 Soft Targa

It seems everyday we can find a really nice or exceptional early Porsche 912. The pre-1969 editions have a shorter wheelbase than later cars and are known for their “lively” handling characteristics. Lively is a polite description. When the Targa was released in 1967, it came with these soft rear windows. Removing it provides a near convertible-like experience. Read More


Still available: ’60 Austin-Healey 3000 MK I

Austin-Healey 3000 MK I

We spotted this back in July and it cropped up again on Craigslist. We still think it looks worthy of some additional attention. Unless of course one of our readers has seen it and it is a fright pig!

We like Big Healeys very much. They call them Big Healeys because they replaced the smaller 100-4. What else could they call it? The first attempt at the 6-cylinder car was the 100-6. Of all Healeys, big & small, it is our least favorite. That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t buy one if a really special one came along. In 1959, the twin SU carb 3000 MK I debuted and it was a much better engine. Read More


Updated Price: ’73 Fiat 130 Coupe

1973 Fiat 130 Coupe

It is hard to shake how people perceive your brand. One can equate it to typecasting – a Hollywood term. We believe Fiat had the same problem back in the late ’60s. They wanted an upscale sedan and coupe that would compete with Mercedes and BMW. The effort was not at all successful but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a decent car. Fortunately, Fiat was smart enough to realize it wouldn’t sell in the States so the few cars that swam across were imported by individual owners. Mint was tipped off to this extraordinary version of the 130 by its seller whose cars we have featured before. His skill at finding gems is legendary. Here we have a beautiful 130 Coupe with an elegant interior and – trumpets, prepare to toot – a 5-speed manual gearbox. Read More


SOLD ($35K) Smart Buy: ‘73.5 Porsche 911T Targa Sportomatic

73 Porsche 911T Targa

This Sepia Brown CIS equipped Porsche 911T Targa is extremely desirable. Prices for early 911s have skyrocketed in recent years and specimens like this have seen stratospheric prices. Pause and look at the interior. It looks phenomenal. The seats look just right and the vulnerable door pockets on both sides are in great shape. Just try to replace one that isn’t ’cause you can’t. So why is the seller asking only $39,900 for it? Read More


C-Type Head: ’56 Jaguar XK140 MC

Jaguar XK140 MC

No, the headline isn’t some perverse trick to get you to read the story of today’s featured Jaguar. The XK140 is the second iteration of road going post-war Jaguar sports cars. The first being the fabulous XK120, the darling of the Hollywood set and yes, the rest of the world too. XKs came in 3 body configurations: a Fixed Head Coupe (FHC), a Roadster or Open Two Seat (OTS) and the Drophead Coupe (DHC). That continued in 1955 when the XK140 was introduced. The XK140 made things a little more livable for driver and passenger by moving the firewall and engine forward 3 inches. The bumpers were redesigned to afford more protection for those gorgeous flanks. Read More


Armageddon Machine: ’67 Land Rover Defender 109

67 Land Rover Defender

What can you say about the trend to build a car/truck that will pretty much go anywhere. Is it based in the popularity of Expedition Explorers who want to drive around the world, people who just like off-roading in the country, or are they people who are concerned the grid will eventually collapse and everyman for themselves? We have friends who own a similar vehicle lovingly named Irene. It was not named Irene after a favorite Aunt but an epic storm that decimated the northeast. So all of these are good reasons to buy this truck, a wonderfully spectacular, fully rebuilt, Landie Series IIA. Read More


Only 647 Made: ’91 Porsche 911 Turbo

91 Porsche Turbo Coupe

Have you ever been to DisneyWorld and taken a ride on The Rockin’ Roller Coaster? That’s the ride where you sit in a super long ’58 Caddy (don’t recall how many people in each Caddy) and listen to Aerosmith on the headrest headphones. When they decide it is time to launch the Caddy into the dark tunnel of twists, turns and drops, it feels like nothing you’ve ever felt before – unless you’ve driven a Porsche 911 Turbo. There is a furious launch forward, your head snaps back and then there’s the roar of the music. In the Porsche’s case, it is a race-bred flat six with all the trimmings. In the coaster, it’s Disney magic. Read More


Updated: ’72 Volvo 1800E

72 Volvo 1800E

This Volvo 1800E is very hot. But not inside where it is very cold should you elect to turn on the A/C. Not just any A/C but a super modern, built for Florida A/C. Volvo P1800s are on fire lately. After decades in the shadows, enthusiasts have recognized the charm of these Swedish GT cars. Perhaps you’ve seen Volvo’s most recent summer sales campaign featuring Irv Gordon and his ’66 P1800. Irv is scheduled to cement his Guinness Book of Records position by ticking over 3 million miles sometime in September in Alaska. Don’t ask him why they picked Alaska other than it is the only state he hasn’t visited in the Volvo. Read More


Dotology: ’69 Mercedes-Benz 280SL

69 Mercedes Bnez 280SL

We don’t know where Brian finds these amazing SLs and I am sure if we asked he wouldn’t tell us. OMG is this car stunning. Some folks say brown cars are unsellable. Oh really? Look at this car and tell me if it isn’t stunning. You can see from the few pictures we post that this car is the real deal. It has everything a good Pagoda should have including those curious headlight “notches” that almost always go away when a car is refinished by someone who does not know or care. Read More


SOLD Watch out Superman: ’06 Lotus Elise HRM Edition

06 Lotus Elise HRM

We are told there is a good word that sums up the Elise, and that word is ‘connected’. In a world where cars are more and more divorced from both driver and road, the lightweight Elise is a sportscar that still delivers the best seat-of-the-pants feel this side of a Caterham. It’s a hoot. For pure sports-car thrills, it’s in the top five most-entertaining cars available. Read More


La Musica: ’86 Alfa Romeo GTV6

86 Alfa Romeo GTV 6

Motor magazines have quoted the Busso V-6 engine as one of the best sounding engines ever. The British Classic & Sportscar noted it as “The best sounding engine, this side of a Maserati V8”. If you’ve ever heard one at full chat, it is a very cool sound. We really like these Alfas after years of not really liking the way they look. But the Giugiaro design is now appreciated and has become pretty neat to look at.

Read More


Here comes the Judge: ’52 Jaguar XK120M

Jaguar XK120

The XK120 was originally intended as a limited-production model, we call them halo cars today, for the new series of sedans powered by the same XK six-cylinder engine. Sales skyrocketed and the XK120 immediately exceeded production capacity. Jaguar replaced the alloy over ash body with an all-steel body, a change that was implemented after the first 240 cars left Jaguar’s factory. Hollywood legends fell for this starlet and Clark Gable was one of the first XK120 owners. Read More


Not every day: ’80 Porsche 911SC Coupe

Porsche 911SC Coupe

The Porsche 911SC is not particularly rare. They made lots of them but seemingly they are all Guards Red, Silver, Black or White. We like some of the alternative choices particularly Petrol Blue and Light Blue Metallic. Today’s Select offering comes from one of our favorite sellers and it checks all of the boxes. Some we didn’t even know had boxes. Let’s go through the list – Tan full leather interior (including dashboard), automatic A/C, headlamp washers, electric sunroof, Dansk stainless exhaust and Euro headlamps and tail lamps. Read More


Tarzan: ’93 Toyota Land Cruiser – Locked

Toyota Land Cruiser

Okay, so what does Locked mean? In Land Cruiser World it means it is equipped with front & rear differential lockers. This is an expensive option but essential if you plan on going anywhere that isn’t paved. This is our personal daily driver. We have it listed on eBay right now, so if you are in the market or know of someone who wants a turnkey classic SUV, send them to the auction. They will thank you for it. Buy It Now is $14,000. Oh, by the way, Tarzan is his name. You never change a Land Cruiser’s name. Visit the eBay auction by clicking here.Toyota Land Cruiser


’73 MGB Update

dashtrunkThe seller has provided additional information on the MGB we featured on Saturday – Nice original example with beautiful original floors.  Not a restored car but one that has been well maintained and has escaped the usual ravages.  Excellent BRG paint done 15 yrs ago.  Black interior in great shape with new carpets.  Recent Vredestien 165×14 tires on powder-coated early MGB steelies.  Also has early grill retrofitted.  Recent stainless exhaust and soft top.  Runs well with excellent clutch, gearbox, brakes.  Engine bay is clean with alloy valve cover.  A 20 year owner, always garage kept and stored winters. A $11,000 asking price OBO. Contact Mint at michael@mint2me.comMGBMGB DS re