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Bonhams Auction Results: Scottsdale

Screen shot 2014-01-18 at 10.14.25 AM

No one should be astounded by some of the numbers achieved by A-list cars at Bonhams. There were some good values too and that confirms the direction the market is taking. For example, a super nice ’62 TR4 Surrey top with good ownership history went for $32,000. And how about a sweet MG TD in great colors and condition for $20,000. Let’s throw in a ’64 Morgan Plus 4 in excellent condition for $30,000. That is not enough sanity to combat a ’77 Porsche 911S selling for $88,000. Click here to see all of the results to date.


Congratulations! Announcing the most popular Mint listing of 2013

As we approach Mint2Me’s first anniversary, we took a look at some statistics provided by our website host, WordPress. We had some surprising news. Out of the 1,165 cars we featured during our first year (actually 11 months), the Fiat X1/9 was our most popular featured car (by page views). The Fiat was submitted to us from David Scheinberg, the original owner and careful caretaker of this little Italian jewel. The Fiat sold within days although the transaction took a little longer to complete as most long distance transactions do. But everyone is happy and if I remember correctly, the seller flew in to Michigan flew in and drove it home to California. 

When launched in 1972, the Fiat X1/9 was the first affordable mid-engine sports car, and was immediately dubbed the “Baby Ferrari”.  Those early cars were powered by a 1.3-liter SOHC four putting out about 63 hp in U.S. trim, running through a 4-speed gearbox.  This particular example is at the other end of the X1/9’s historical arc – 1987 was the final model-year during which X1/9s (badged “Bertone” from 1982 through the end of the run) were imported to the U.S.

Bertone X1/9Compared with the early models, the ’87 is more powerful (displacement up to 1.5-liters, and output to 75 hp), more relaxed and fuel efficient on the highway (5-speed gearbox; 32+ mpg on regular fuel), more modern and reliable (Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection; well-sorted electrical system), and more durable (improved corrosion resistance).  Read More


Success at Mint: ’14 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray Convertible

Lou 2One of our frequent readers, Lou O., really wanted a new 2014 Corvette. He wanted one of the first convertibles and pay a fair price for one. His experience shopping on his own, was less than pleasant. Either the dealer wasn’t allocated any Corvettes or the dealer added a signficant “dealer profit”. We read this on The GM Authority Website that described his experience: “As the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette begins to trickle into dealerships, the more greedy establishments are not hesitating to charge as much as $10,000 and more for their C7 Stingrays on the block. Way to go, guys. At the same time, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Stuff like this always happens when it comes to vehicles as hotly anticipated as the new Corvette.” And they were referring to the Coupe and not the Convertible! We know a great dealer who has a franchise on Long Island and New Jersey so we gave them a call. We put a deal together and a few months later, Lou’s Cyber Grey Convertible arrived at the dealership.He paid a fair price and the dealer is happy to have a new customer. If you are looking for that special car, give us a chance to make it happen for you.


Recent Featured Car Updates


Toyota Supra – No bids





1959 Porsche 356A 1600

Porsche 356 Cabriolet – No Sale at $100,109






53 Hudson Jet

Hudson Jet – Sold at $4,206






Porsche 914

Porsche 914 2.0 – Sold at $13,100


As the season ends, we recap the story of our rally car experience.

Every car deserves a name. We named our Mercedes – The Colonel. So what’s with The Colonel you ask? Well, we love cars with stories. Our 230S was originally purchsed by a US Army Colonel while stationed in Brussels.

Our introduction to the 230S on eBay with this image.

Our introduction to the 230S on eBay with this image.

Original documents from Belgium

Original documents from Belgium

It is a European specification model with those gorgeous headlamps (5 bulbs in each lamp). He was transferred to Puerto Rico briefly (the badge on grill is from Puerto Rico) and shipped the Mercedes with him. From there, he went to Seattle. The Mercedes stayed in the family until 3 years ago when a M-B fan purchased it with the intention of making it his wife’s daily driver. That plan unraveled when they left for Europe for a year. It sat with fuel putrefying in the gas tank. We found it on eBay and 2 weeks later, the car you can (as the seller states) “get in and just drive” arrived at my mechanic’s shop. I made it about a 1/4 of a mile before it choked to death on contaminated fuel. That signaled the beginning of a systematic rebuild/refresh to make it a reliable and competitive vintage rally car. First things first – get the fuel delivery system clean. The gas tank had to be removed, boiled and re-lined and the entire fuel system cleaned. We added an electronic ignition, all new filters, then a complete fluid/lubrication refresh to benchmark it.

Work begins in January at Auto Turismo Sport in New Milford, Connecticut

Work begins in January at Auto Turismo Sport in New Milford, Connecticut

The shipper (DAS) destroyed the rear shocks but that gave us the opportunity to get a set of adjustable Konis.

The handy work of Dependable Auto Shippers. You can't see all of the damage while the shock is in place.

The handy work of Dependable Auto Shippers. You can’t see all of the damage while the shock is in place.

Read More


Sunday, November 3: Caffeine & Carburetors —> VSCCA Fall Rally

Rest stop one

What an amazing day this day turned out to be. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to do what we are supposed to do and that is find great cars for sale. But sometimes you have to do some mining exploration before you strike gold. We are members of the Vintage Sports Car Club of America and they hosted a Fall Rally through the Connecticut countryside. We had 32 car and all of them were outstanding examples. We started at the simply outrageous Caffeine & Carburetors in New Canaan, Connecticut. Insanity. Some of the greatest cars in the world lined Pine Street in one of the wealthiest suburbs in America. For example, there were 2, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series. We hear tell there are only 60 in the USA. The rally was organized by Santo Spadaro of Dominick’s Foreign Car Service. They are well-known in this part of the world. We played with a Cunningham, an early Lancia B20, a few Jaguar XK120s and one of our favorites, a Jaguar Mark 2 Sedan set up for track work. It was a great day with some terrific folks from the VSCCA. We’ll get back to finding some winners on Tuesday.Lunch Stop one


Saturday in Connecticut


photo 1Sunday is a day of rest for us at Mint. You see Saturday we participated in a 120 mile rally organized by Matt deGarmo, ltd. Matt selected a great route through Fairfield County into Dutchess County, New York ending up in Litchfield County, Connecticut. We began at 8 AM in New Canaan, Connecticut in front of Zumbach’s Coffee. Zumbach’s organizes one of the most tantilizing Caffeine and Carburetors in the country. Along with our Mercedes Benz 230S, there were 2 Aston Martin DB4s, a Ferrari Dino, 2 early 911S Coupes, a Pantera, ’61 Corvette, ’59 Austin-Healey 3000 MK I, a 356SC Coupe and a real Porsche 356 Carrera GT. I’m sure I forgot a few. The end of the rally was a real treat – a catered lunch along the Housatonic River. Perfect weather and some really nice people made for a great 2


Top 10 Car Chases

Classic and Sports Car Magazine published a list of the Top 10 car chases of all time. And yes, the usual suspects were included like Bullitt and The French Connection. But they forgot The Seven Ups starring Roy Scheider released in 1973 and shot in New York City. In case you have never seen it or haven’t since 1973, here it is in all its glory.

seven ups


One of the last: ’75 Alfa Romeo GTV

1975 Alfa Romeo GTV

We know there aren’t any ’75 GTV 2000s but according to Alfa Romeo Storica, this one was built in June 1975 for the USA Market. We know it doesn’t make sense. Alfa Romeo made ’75 GTV 2000s for the European market sporting Dellorto carbs instead of the SPICA system. So we thought this might be a Euro car imported. But you can’t argue with Marco Fazio at Alfa telling us it is a USA market car. The seller says it is in concours condition although further down in the listing he states the paint isn’t. But who cares. This is a great driving car and concours is not really a dynamic activity anyway. You want to drive this one in events or just out for a fun ride. The color combination is a pleasant relief from the more common red or silver. Read More


Kids: 2013 Lime Rock Historics


Spend a couple of minutes to watch this video by Jim Perry that covers the recent Historic races at Lime Rock Park. There is a subtle thread throughout as the videographer seems to follow a few young boys as they explore the action at the races. Many of us are concerned about where the next group of historic and vintage car fans will come from. Well, it looks like all we have to do is to provide the opportunity for kids to experience events like LRP’s Historics. We’ll let the cars and action take it from there. Click on the image to begin. Thanks, Jim. Great work!




Another Mint: JetBlue First Class

Got a call from my son, Evan and he was excited to tell me about JetBlue’s new First Class service called Mint. I guess great marketing minds think alike however we are happy we got to Mint2Me first. JetBlue may begin using the tagline Mint to be, a name we considered. We thought our readers might be interested in how we came up with Mint2Me. If you aren’t, move along.Mint to me

We had no working title when we began the process of putting this business on the map. We were waiting for divine intervention and throughout our business careers, we knew it would come – just not how or when. One Thursday evening, we were watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. In this episode, one of the residents, pregnant with another resident’s baby, hears the words she has been waiting for since she was a little girl: let’s get married. She waxes on about her dream plans nurtured and refined over the years. And then she says, “and we’ll have mints that say mint to be written on them.” That was it. We wrote it down and began the process that took us to Mint2Me.


Another Mint Success Story: We can help you too!


1100d roomatesWe featured this cute Fiat Millecento on September 4th and guess who snapped it up? No, not jay Leno, but Brian Peters from Motoring Investments in San Diego. There’s the little Fiat in good company at Brian’s restoration shop. We have his 450SLC featured today on Mint. We are happy to hear that the Fiat was represented properly and Brian is thrilled with his acquisition. Don’t know if this is a replacement for his 450SLC but we sort of doubt it. This is a good reminder that Mint2me not only features cars that we find, we also feature cars our readers want to sell. In addition, we can find specific cars you are interested in acquiring. Read what we can do and our terms under the tab Get it on Mint.


Clash of the Titans: Rush, the movie.


If you read the reviews of Ron Howard’s new movie, Rush, it is universal; you don’t have to be a fan of motor racing to be enthralled with this movie. We are to congratulate Mr. Howard for avoiding all of the clichés of previous efforts to bring motor racing to the big screen. Yes, I love watching LeMans with Steve McQueen and occasionally, I enjoy revisiting Grand Prix with an all-star cast including real legends of the Grand Prix circuit. Other efforts have been less successful although I haven’t seen Winning in a long time and I do love Paul Newman.  I did some YouTube diving today and found a really well done BBC documentary series featuring the 1976 Grand Prix season titled Clash of the Titans. It features interviews from Lauda, Formula 1 team managers and other surviving racers except for the deceased Mr. Hunt who died of a heart attack in bed at the age of 45. You decide if you want a refresher on that incredible season of racing before or after seeing the movie. Click on the image to go to the documentary…

Click on this image to go to the BBC Documentary

Click on this image to go to the BBC Documentary


A few nice cars for sale: 23rd Annual British Invasion, Stowe, Vermont

It was a busy weekend for us car people up in the Northeast. There was the 23rd Annual British Invasion in beautiful Stowe, Vermont and the Fairfield Concours Nutmeg Tour. We elected to go the Nutmeg Tour since we didn’t have a British car. But our Mint friend and frequent contributor, Michael M., covered the action in Stowe. Michael has an amazing eye for a good car and although he didn’t drive any of these, he thought they were solid enough to warrant further exploration.

1953 MG TDThe Seller is asking $15,000 for this solid 2 owner ’53 MG TD. Phil can be reached at (802) 496-2199 or (617) 435-9493 (cell phone). The TD has a new Stainless Steel exhaust, rebuilt gearbox and 60,000 original miles. 61 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

Michael says this Silver Cloud has laser straight body and fabulous paint. We don’t know too much else so why not give the owner a call. Bob’s cell number is (413) 244-9993.

1973 Land Rover

We love good, solid Land Rovers. Michael knows that because he loves them too. He spotted this ’73 Land Rover on the street in Stowe,VT. It is a Series 3, 109 Pickup and that’s a pretty rare bird. The seller is asking $10,500 and can be reached by calling (802) 229- 8130 (cell)


Irv made it!

Our old friend and frequent Mint reader, Irv Gordon, has completed his journey to surpass the 3 million mile mark in his ’66 Volvo 1800S. I can remember when he came to our house for dinner when the kids were little. Irv hadn’t hit a measly million back then. But he had his sights on it. I attended the Million Mile event at Tavern On The Green. It was carefully orchestrated. Irv had to drive around in circles in the parking area until it clicked over. I’m happy for Irv not so much for the 3 million but for all the great people he influenced with his charm and wit. Well maybe not so much on the wit. People have calculated how many times around the earth or trips to the moon 3 million miles represents. I want to know how many waffles at Waffle House it took. Click on the image to go to the Hemmings coverage.ku-bigpic